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VirtuaWin for Windows

December 17th, 2009 Categories: Linux, Macs, OS X 10.5, OS's

I’ve really come to appreciate the “workspace” feature in OS X and Linux. However, I do most of my development in Windows which (oddly) has no similar feature. I’ve tried a few applications that give Windows this ability, my favorite is an open source project called VirtuaWin.

Their project is hosted on SourceForge, where you can find more information and links to download:

Things I like about it:
1) It’s minimalistic and not too flashy. Switching spaces is similar to OS X.
2) It’s very stable. It works on Vista, and has never crashed.
3) It has a handy “always show” flag you can apply to a specific window.

Things I don’t like about it:
1) Configuration/customization takes some time (default settings are OK, though).

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