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Changing Default Minimum Height of ScrollThumb

The default minimum height of the scroll thumb is about 10 pixels, which my client felt was a little too small (their data sets usually run into the several-hundreds, which is enough to push it to the minimum at most resolutions). So I set about trying to fix the problem.

There was no style or property I could set on the VScrollBar to control this, so I went to the ScrollThumb. There was no global style I could set on the class to control this, and if I extended the ScrollThumb and manually set it, there was no way for me to easily tell my VScrollBar to use this version of the ScrollThumb.

Long story short, I had to change the framework code. I changed line 48, where explicitMinHeight was set, to something more agreeable for my client. I was pretty disappointed about this, because it has some unfortunate side effects (which I could probably correct if I had the time). Specifically, if there’s a scroll bar that can’t fit the newly resized ScrollThumb, it doesn’t show one at all. This seems most common in short TextAreas.

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