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Simple Flex Builder Performance Tip

October 25th, 2008 Categories: AIR, Flex 2, Flex 3, Flex Builder

I wanted to put this little tidbit out for boosting Flex Builder’s performance on all platforms.  I was ecstatic when I got my new desktop this past June (quad-core, 12MB cache, etc., etc.) and the build process flew.  It was awesome (see complaints in previous post about my laptop seeming like a dinosaur in comparison), but as time went by it started getting more and more sluggish about building my apps.

There wasn’t any apparent explanation (except for maybe the fact that I was running Windows Vista with only 8GB of RAM) so it was a little disheartening.  On the other hand I wasn’t seeing any performance decreases in any of my other “benchmark” apps (JBoss 4.2 startup in 10 seconds, NetBeans startup in 15 seconds, Photoshop CS3 in 8 seconds) so I got a little suspicious.

I did a little searching around and ran a few experiments, and came to realize that the more projects I had open, the longer it would take to build any one of them.  When I started closing the projects, there was a corresponding increase in performance.  This information allowed me to focus my search efforts and sure enough, Flex Builder will process every open project to see if it needs to be recompiled, and in the process compile the project you’re interested in.

So close some of those projects (right-click, or in case of a Mac two-finger-tap, and close).

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