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Lab 4 Schema Clarifications

November 13th, 2007 Categories: Amazon Web Services, CS, CS 462, Scalability, School, Virtualization

I came away from our lab 4 design session with a couple wrong impressions regarding the schema, and got them clarified by Sam yesterday. Here’s a less ambiguous version of the message format we’re supposed to use (would have updated it on the lab page but I’m not on campus at the moment).

<idea guid="">
<initiated date="" technology="(wstechnology)">Name provided by user</initiated>
<submitted date="" technology="(submit server tech)">RY name of submit server creator</submitted>
<body>Foo and gunk are better for this site than xs</body>

You should notice that the wsuser that we POSTed from our submit script is getting thrown away. I assumed that since we went through the trouble of POSTing it, we’d definitely use it– and I ended up putting the user provided name in the submitted element.

Looking back I don’t think we got our schema right. I think we’re trying to cram too much information into too few elements. Sure, it keeps us from having to add an additional element ( for example) to store the information; but the result is that we’ve lost some information– wsuser (less important) and made it more confusing (more important).

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