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November 7th, 2007 Categories: Uncategorized

My Flex 2 training brought me up on using Java web services running on JBoss for my RPC needs. This solution works great, so great in fact that I went through the trouble of connecting JBoss to IIS 6.0 on one of my home servers (a blog about this is in the works). However, this solution breaks down when you move your sites and services to a hosting provider running Linux and Apache. Hosting providers who provide application servers are of a different breed, and exceed the scope of my budget for current projects. This limitation led me to AMF-PHP (v1.9), which you can learn about here. The download comes complete with a service browser (written in Flex) that allows you to explore and test your services.

It is an AMF serializer that runs on any PHP enabled web server (including those used by my $5.95/month hosting provider). The difficulty of getting a service set up with this is comparable to getting a service running in Java.

I followed the tutorial here to get up and running. The examples he goes over are pretty simplistic and don’t involve a database of any kind, but they do an excellent job of laying a foundation; anyone with moderate PHP experience will be able to see how to hook the database in.

I have a pretty large project I’m going into right now which I intend to use this, which will require me to use a MySQL (pronounced My-Ess-Kyu-Ell) along with the service. I’ll post more as the project progresses.

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